Sunday, August 28


This twilight proves marvelous
as moonbeams light these eyes
whilst looking heavenward to our shadowing sky
I close my sight’s doors, I see no more

Goodbye, goodbye

This sound defeat through which dreams are daintily revealed
shyly, willingly

passing through this delicate realm where real is no longer real
bravely, gallantly

they appear holding secret truths in their pale hands
with tears in their eyes & an hourglass full of sand

I slowly opened this kiss-sealed letter:
“You are over, but you are never better.”

In life awake, you must forever know
that stars are seen clearly once you learn to let go.

(I like to speak in poetry sometimes)


Brigita said...

In love with this picture. Red lips suits you so well! And the bus is absolutely your hairstyle. :)
And the poetry was really good, I really liked it.

stop by my blog
xx Brigita

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Vee said...

You are really pretty!

Ana said...

You are so beautiful. I am in awe at this picture. Really, everything about it is just really pretty. Your make up, the light.

Dancing Branflake said...

Gorgeous photo and a beautiful poem.

Meghan said...


Raspberry & Rouge said...

LOVE the make-up, gorgeous! Have an amazing week! XO Rebecca

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Love your make-up, really pretty!

Teeney said...

one word, GORGEOUS!! you are thee cutest thing ever!!

- teeney

jamie said...

i mean, damn girl. youre a babe!


Pati y Car said...

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Andrea said...

wonderful post :)