Monday, January 7

The Rip Tide

This is it. The countdown begins. I've packed four months of life into two suitcases & am anxiety-ridden & tear-stained. This is real. I'm leaving everything I know behind in four days & will be gone for four months doing volunteer work out in the wilderness. I'm terrified, but there are beautiful things to see & do out there. The city is making me tired. I want to breathe good air, play in the snow, be cold & hungry, work hard, not care what time or day it is, write to you, miss you, find a new vigor for everything ever, appreciate home ...

& I want to see the stars, you guys."The mountains are calling & I must go." (drops mic, exits)

coat - thrifted


Dancing Branflake said...

Does it help that I'm completely jealous of you? The mountains are always calling me, also.

Elen Ellis said...

Beautiful coat!!

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Let me know what u think!

Cellulite Begone said...

Yes, beautiful.

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The Wealthy Geek said...

Keep it simple, sweetheart!
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